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Printer Ideation Sketches!

Today… printers!

Sorry for my absence, I was off at an awesome design symposium in Utah.

Ballpoint with a touch of prismacolor blue.


Car Sketch

Who doesn’t like to draw cars? Well I don’t really. I’m pretty bad at drawing cars in correct proportion, but here’s a try.
I used pencil, pen, COPIC markers and slight touch up on Photoshop.

Car Sketch

Laptop Ideation Sketch


Cell Phone Ideation

Today’s sketch is cell phones. I used a variety of fine tip markers as well as COPIC markers for shading.

5 quick sketches

Computer Mouse Display Stand

What is the best way to display a product to customers?
I brainstormed for ideas on paper.

Back to Basics

I just played with perspective and shading today.

1,3,5,7 COPICs

IDSA Sketch Workshop

Today IDSA hosted a sketch workshop. One of our professors, Dean Bacalzo had the participants go through a few exercise sketches.

He talked about different drivers. Brand drivers, animal drivers, and other elements that could drive design concepts. One challenge that posed difficulties for many of the guys there was to design a power tool for women. Some important things mentioned were that handles needed to be smaller, and curvilinear and utilitarian designs would sell better to a female audience.

I tried designing a powertool handle “if HUMMER designed it.”

Hummer styled handle?

One sketch exercise we had to do was to draw on napkin. Because napkin tears very easily, only a small amount of pressure can be applied to the pen. He gave us 1 minute.

What is this? :)

Here are two other sketches for today.

Quick mouse sketches.

For my plastics and finishings class, I'm making a display stand out of acrylic. I will be displaying a mouse, hence the ideation sketches.

Denver Art Museum Part II

So wonky



On the fourth floor, there was a European art exhibition with some portraits of the Tudors.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII as a child

これは、フランク・ロイド・ライトの作品。『座るための機械』かな? This is Frank Lloyd Wright's very simple but elegant chair. He saw architecture as "machines for living," so this must be a "machine for seating." ;)

Notice the Eames bent wood! :D

No sketch today, since I’m taking a break on Sunday.

Denver Art Museum! Part I


Today, I went to the Denver Art Museum. My Art History class gave me an assignment to do a full artistic analysis of an artwork I found there. Hence, the trip downtown.

とがった形をしたポストモダンな建物。Very angular postmodern architecture.


入館して最初に目にしたのがソットサスの『ヴァレンタイン』タイプライター。本物を観るのは初めてだったので、感動でした。そういえば、あさって バレンタインだよね。。

I found the experience more enjoyable than simply accomplishing a requirement. The museum had artwork from all over the world, though most of the art was related to native American art. I even saw a small selection of Japanese art. A whole room was dedicated to modern furniture and electronics.

There, I stumbled across Ettore Sottsass’ vibrantly red Valentine typewriter. He wanted to create a typewriter that poets and writers could use outside of the office. (Something that would not remind them of the office.) Speaking of which, day after tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Olivetti, a typewriter design company—that Sottsass worked for—is now part of Telecom Italia and functions as a office product servicing company. :(

エットレ・ソットサスはその当時の従来のタイプライターは色気がなくつまらないと考え、当時のものとは完全に違う赤いカラーリングを使ったタイプライターのデザインをOlivettiに提案した。後ろのケースには簡単に持ち歩けるためのハンドルが付いている。Ettore Sottsass disliked traditional typewriter designs of that age, as he found them unattractive and boring. Thus he proposed to Olivetti a completely new and revolutionary typewriter design using red as a primary color.

The Cube, OLPC.

I’m running short of time so I will post part II of the Museum trip later.

Today's Sketch: a camcorder. I referred to Sketch-A-Day's #246. is a great resource!



I finally decided to start a sketch blog. I’ll try to upload at least one every week. The primary purpose of this blog is to record my activities as a college student in Metro State’s ID program.


Random sketches of Cars