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Shoe Design Photoshop WACOM digital render

Hello Friends, for the final project of my advanced sketching class, I drew this shoe on Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop using a WACOM tablet.


Sketchbook Pro for outlines and shadows, Photoshop for details.

More shoes.

Hello friends,
Spent a few hours designing some shoes.

Media: Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop with WACOM Intuos4

靴。。Shoe sketch!

WacomのIntuos4 タブレットを使って描きました。

Shoe Design 2

Gecko Robot Render

Today I have a lizard robot render. This robot helps rescue workers in disasters to help find and rescue survivors.
幼い頃からすきなヤモリをロボットにしてみました! ヤモボット? (*^_^*)


Car Seat Render / Sketch

Hey Friends! I have today a car seat marker sketch.
I’m practicing off the book Sketching by Eissen.

Pen and markers!