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Fantasy Castle Painting with Painter

Fun with Intuos and Painter 12.

Snowmobile guy Photoshop Painting

Did some Photoshop doodle today.
Merry Christmas all!

The Antikythera Mechanism

In the early 20th Century, divers found a complex analog computer designed by the Greeks. This computer contains more than 30 gears, something unseen of until this discovery.

People often assume that the ancient people were of less intelligence than people today, I personally believe the opposite when I see the great accomplishments and achievements that the people of the ancient world accomplished.

It’s all greek to me

Gyroplane cockpit project done!

This was a semester project to redesign the interior dashboard instrument configuration for Phenix autogiro.

Nendo – A Japanese design studio

A design studio I like to follow is one in Japan called nendo.

The press lamp’s use of glass is simplistic, yet expressive.

This acrylic built table’s seam gives it an illusion of translucent wood.

Photos by Yoneo Kawabe

Philips envisioned the future with design back in 1996

Very interesting video.

Playing with AfterEffects

This week, I played with AfterEffects watching some great tutorials online, to make some kinetic typography.

UI, it’s about context

Context is important.

In English-speaking cultures, the distinction between rivers and streams is one of size.
The Mississippi and the Missouri are both rivers.
However, in the French language, the difference between fleuves (rivers) and riviére (streams) is one of endpoint. Fleuves flow into a large body of water (lake, ocean), and riviéres flow into another riviére or a fleuve.

So what’s the difference between a floor and a table?
In some cultures, there really is no difference.

Listen to this talk “The Poetics of Everyday Objects” by August de los Reyes, rather fascinating about user interface.

This talk actually inspired me in designing my table. I wanted to see if the line between ‘floor’ and ‘table’ could be blurred. If table was just an elevated floor, or if the floor was a table you walked on.