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Hello! I’m designer in Boulder, CO. I primarily use this blog to upload my sketches and record my studies.


  1. Nice work you have here! I’ve always wanted to see what your drawings looked like. Now I have a chance. :D *bookmarks site* Keep up the good work!

  2. Pratap

    Hi Rei,

    You have a very nice blog going – your sketches / rendering too are very good.

    I was just wondering if there are any formal aspects of the auto design process you learnt / taught at college? .. if yes, could you please share??
    I am doing my graduation thesis of auto design process comparison therefore, the question / request


  3. Rei Suzuki

    Thanks for visiting my blog Carmen and Pratap. I haven’t formally learned too much about the automotive design process. However, I did learn proper perspective, ratios, and clay model making in school. Other things I picked up through books and self learning.


  4. Fuku Miyakawa

    Hi! I’m Fuku Miyakawa currently studying industrial design at UIC in Illinois! Nihonjindesuga America de umaremashita. Sugoi umaidesune! It made me inspire to work harder! Keep it going!

    • Rei Suzuki

      Hi! Thank you for commenting! My professor taught at UIC for a while, Ted Shin. I believe the IDSA National conference next year will be in Illinois so I may be out that way next year.

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