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Denver Art Museum Part II

So wonky



On the fourth floor, there was a European art exhibition with some portraits of the Tudors.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII as a child

これは、フランク・ロイド・ライトの作品。『座るための機械』かな? This is Frank Lloyd Wright's very simple but elegant chair. He saw architecture as "machines for living," so this must be a "machine for seating." ;)

Notice the Eames bent wood! :D

No sketch today, since I’m taking a break on Sunday.

Denver Art Museum! Part I


Today, I went to the Denver Art Museum. My Art History class gave me an assignment to do a full artistic analysis of an artwork I found there. Hence, the trip downtown.

とがった形をしたポストモダンな建物。Very angular postmodern architecture.


入館して最初に目にしたのがソットサスの『ヴァレンタイン』タイプライター。本物を観るのは初めてだったので、感動でした。そういえば、あさって バレンタインだよね。。

I found the experience more enjoyable than simply accomplishing a requirement. The museum had artwork from all over the world, though most of the art was related to native American art. I even saw a small selection of Japanese art. A whole room was dedicated to modern furniture and electronics.

There, I stumbled across Ettore Sottsass’ vibrantly red Valentine typewriter. He wanted to create a typewriter that poets and writers could use outside of the office. (Something that would not remind them of the office.) Speaking of which, day after tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Olivetti, a typewriter design company—that Sottsass worked for—is now part of Telecom Italia and functions as a office product servicing company. :(

エットレ・ソットサスはその当時の従来のタイプライターは色気がなくつまらないと考え、当時のものとは完全に違う赤いカラーリングを使ったタイプライターのデザインをOlivettiに提案した。後ろのケースには簡単に持ち歩けるためのハンドルが付いている。Ettore Sottsass disliked traditional typewriter designs of that age, as he found them unattractive and boring. Thus he proposed to Olivetti a completely new and revolutionary typewriter design using red as a primary color.

The Cube, OLPC.

I’m running short of time so I will post part II of the Museum trip later.

Today's Sketch: a camcorder. I referred to Sketch-A-Day's #246. is a great resource!