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Small Car Sketch


It’s been a while, and a lot has happened. but here is a sketch of a smaller car, maybe the Yaris.
I went to the IDSA international conference in Chicago, that was a blast!

Helicopter Rotor Sketch

I love looking at complex mechanical connections, and decided to doodle out a helicopter rotor.

photoshop doodle

photoshop doodle

Happy New Year! Figuring out: the fillet shading!

Happy New Year ladies! … and gentlemen. ^_^


Clicky to enlarge!

So one of my friends asked me how I would shade a fillet with line sketching. I did some experimentation and doodled out the process.

Fantasy Castle Painting with Painter

Fun with Intuos and Painter 12.

Backpack sketching!

These are a few months old, but I wanted to share them because I freaking love drawing backpacks. :D

Red markers FTW

Car design sketch!

Media: Ballpoint

Listening to Coldplay and eating at Wahoo!’s. :D

Backpack rendering

Mostly Photoshop

Last night I redid an old project that I did with pen and markers a few years ago.

How to render a car in Sketchbook Pro Part 1

Step 1: do a rough sketch (can do this in pencil as well, and scan it in).

Step 2: Roughly fill in the darker areas.

Step 3: Work on the shadows

Step 4: Work on highlights

Step 5 coming soon! :D


Car digital rendering

Hey friends!

Today we again, we have another car sketch rendering!
Merry Christmas!

Car Sketch on WACOM!

Check out my digital car drawing!

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