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ゾウのデッサン・Quick Sketch of an Elephant

As designers one of the most important assets we have is the nature around us. If we observe well, we can find beautiful forms in creation. My favourite animal happens to be an elephant. :D


Car Render カーレンダリング・スケッチ




Speaker + Bass Doodle Sketch

Hey guys, here’s a quick doodle I did over lunch of stereo speakers.
So the reason why I haven’t been updating much recently is because I started working at Samson Design in Boulder, CO since this summer. The design consultancy specializes on new technologies and also medical equipment / healthcare. One of the first things I did was redesign their website, check it out! The opportunity came due to an IDSA merit award competition I entered.

Used a uniball pen.. starting to like those a lot.

Used a uniball pen.. starting to like those a lot.

Small Car Sketch


It’s been a while, and a lot has happened. but here is a sketch of a smaller car, maybe the Yaris.
I went to the IDSA international conference in Chicago, that was a blast!

Ship in Pink

I sometimes draw in monochrome to understand light and shadow.

Sail and Steam

Sail and Steam

Snowmobile guy Photoshop Painting

Did some Photoshop doodle today.
Merry Christmas all!


Designboom に投稿されたKlein Dytham Architectureの手がけた交番の記事:

Car Rough Sketches

Today I did a couple of rough ball point sketches of cars.

Next time I think I'll use verithins.


Quick sketch with pen and blue pencil.




Academic Portfolio Up on Flickr!

So if you check out my front page, there’s now a new link pointing to a quick academic portfolio I put together of my freshman and sophomore projects.

Click here to open portfolio.

And sketch for today:

Pen, Markers, and some Photoshop