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MP3 Player Design Sketch

Hello Friends! Today, err… tonight I’m posting a copy of a sketch from the book, Sketching by Koos Eissen. When practicing sketching, I highly recommend copying various sketches of professional designers to understand their design thinking and process. However, working on and building your own sketching style will help set your sketches apart as well.

For this sketch I used prismacolor markers and pastels.

今回のスケッチはMP3プレーヤーです。『Sketching 』と言う英語の教科書にあるデザインを参考にしながら描いてみました。プロの描いたものをそのままコピーしてしまうのも一つの練習法ですが、自分の独特なスタイルを無くさないように注意が必要です。


Exploring materials: glass screen effect. As always, click to enlarge. ;)