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カー・スケッチング〜第2回 ^_^


Mechanical Pencil & Ball point!

MP3 Player Design Sketch

Hello Friends! Today, err… tonight I’m posting a copy of a sketch from the book, Sketching by Koos Eissen. When practicing sketching, I highly recommend copying various sketches of professional designers to understand their design thinking and process. However, working on and building your own sketching style will help set your sketches apart as well.

For this sketch I used prismacolor markers and pastels.

今回のスケッチはMP3プレーヤーです。『Sketching 』と言う英語の教科書にあるデザインを参考にしながら描いてみました。プロの描いたものをそのままコピーしてしまうのも一つの練習法ですが、自分の独特なスタイルを無くさないように注意が必要です。


Exploring materials: glass screen effect. As always, click to enlarge. ;)

Printer Ideation Sketches!

Today… printers!

Sorry for my absence, I was off at an awesome design symposium in Utah.

Ballpoint with a touch of prismacolor blue.


IDSA Sketch Workshop

Today IDSA hosted a sketch workshop. One of our professors, Dean Bacalzo had the participants go through a few exercise sketches.

He talked about different drivers. Brand drivers, animal drivers, and other elements that could drive design concepts. One challenge that posed difficulties for many of the guys there was to design a power tool for women. Some important things mentioned were that handles needed to be smaller, and curvilinear and utilitarian designs would sell better to a female audience.

I tried designing a powertool handle “if HUMMER designed it.”

Hummer styled handle?

One sketch exercise we had to do was to draw on napkin. Because napkin tears very easily, only a small amount of pressure can be applied to the pen. He gave us 1 minute.

What is this? :)

Here are two other sketches for today.

Quick mouse sketches.

For my plastics and finishings class, I'm making a display stand out of acrylic. I will be displaying a mouse, hence the ideation sketches.